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We, "Malishwali" are a platform where your search for masseuse ends. We provide massage services exclusively for new born babies and their mums. We have a bank of traditional masseuse who has great experience in massaging babies and mums.

This is a website for mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone else who has responsibility for the care of infant and postnatal mother. We aim to support your new born baby to adopt this beautiful world and mother to get her body back.

"Malilshwali" is a service product of HappyTears Wellness LLP based in Mumbai. Excellent body development of infant and well-being of mother (postnatal) are the driving forces behind this unique venture. We are the pioneer in providing platform for massage services for infant and their mothers.

Why Malish/Massage ?

To New Born Babies

  • Helps babies to adopt "outside" world
  • Relieve discomfort & Fosters deep sleep
  • Relief from gas, constipation & colic
  • Reduce crying and fussiness
  • Improves Blood Circulation and skill condition
  • Stimulates production of oxytocin

To Mums

  • Remove post natal depression
  • Relieve from body pain & backache
  • Easy way to get you body back
  • Pleasurable experience
  • Feeling more confident and comfortable

"It develops your baby and you
Physically, Emotionally & Mentally"

Why Malishwali?


Our Masseuses understand your body (babies and mums) better. They are rich in experience. We do it in a traditional way.

Maintain Clean
& Hygiene Standard

We assure you that acceptable standard of hygiene is maintained. (appear clean, hand wash, nail cut etc.)

Easy replacement of
masseuse (malishwali)

We assure you to provide best masseuse still you have all power to get replacement immediately.


You choose your best suitable time to get massage. Also, you can change your time slot whenever you feel so.

How it Works ?

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Malishwali ?

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